Custom Maps™ – the original scratch off map for businesses.

Escort your customers throughout their life journeys and adventures.

Custom Maps™ are the ideal customer gift for companies that want to discover and embrace the world together with their customers.

Be sustainably present while beautiful travel memories are being made, as well as when planning the next big adventure.

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The scratch-off world map from Custom-Map™ is an advertising medium that works. The promotional item produced for Shackleton in use as onpack is sensational for all customers.

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Free Sample


Individualized with Custom Requirements

Custom Maps™ BASIC and Custom Maps™ PRO. Discover the possibilities here.

You can design the scratch-off world card with your logo, in your colours and with your message. So this advertising medium has the potential to become the advertising medium 2019
Your target market: 1.3 billion travelers

The world travel market is continuously growing. As of 2016, the numer of worldwide trips reached 1.3 billion.

No matter whether motorhome, plane, ship, bus or train.

Last year alone, Germans took 150 million trips, an ever growing trend.

With the Custom Maps™ scratch off map, you have the very best conditions to reach this target group and benefit from this travel boom.

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Our Customers

Our customers come in every shape and size: tour operators, hotel chains, shipping companies, and more from every industry.

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Applications for Use
Scratch off map as a giveaway
For headquarters, stores or opening event
Scratch off map as onpack
Conference material
Employee gift
City marketing
University marketing for new students
Tourist boards for special regions
Special maps such as the "gourmet" map, "bar fly" map, etc.
Football merchandising such as for an "away game"

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Besides scratch-off world maps, other cards such as country maps and city maps can also be printed.

More map formats upon request.





Our scratch world cards can be printed individually. The logo and colour can be chosen freely












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