The scratch-off world maps from Custom Maps™ are not only suitable for the travel industry, but also for cruise lines

We distinguish between 2 models: BASIC and PRO for our Custom Maps™.

The BASIC version offers a multitude of design options that enable individual implementation according to your requirements. With your logo, in your colors.

The PRO version is for those who want to go big! Here is the perfect space for your ideas with almost no limitations.


Just 5 steps to your individual Custom Map™ BASIC

Motive: world map design
Material: paper/cardboard
Finish: high gloss
Dimensions: maps are 42.5 x 30.5cm
Roll: 5 x 32cm

Free Sample

The Custom Map™ PRO offers almost unlimited possibilities for individualization in comparison with the BASIC map. With the PRO version you can, in addition to your logo and the color, set individual dimensions, design all layers as needed, and even choose special coatings.

The packaging options have no limits. In addition to the classic world map, you can design maps with individual continents, countries, regions and cities – each with their own story or marketing message.


Sir Ernest Shackleton, name provider for the premium whiskey of the same name, was a famous polar explorer. He was also considered one of the greatest leaders of his time. He was especially known for his hunger for the conquest of new lands, and became famous for his expeditions to the undiscovered Antarctic.

What type of ad could represent a brand with this story better than an individual Custom Map™? Together with our customer Whyte and Mackay, the brand owners of “Shackleton Whiskey”, we have implemented a map that shows all the relevant stages of this expedition, in addition to the logo and corporate colors. With everything from docking the ship in London to the sighting of the first icebergs.


Besides scratch-off world maps, other cards such as country maps and city maps can also be printed.

More map formats upon request.

Our scratch world cards can be printed individually. The logo and colour can be chosen freely





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